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I’m not ashamed: I like Batman. I’ve been a fan of Batman since the ’60s when I started watching the live-action series on television and letting Adam West, Burt Ward, and all the villainous characters enter into my world as a five-year-old. Batman always intrigued as a super hero who relied on his mind, physical capabilities and technological prowess to defeat The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin and other bad boys of the era.

The Batman movies have always captured my attention, again starting back in the ’70s when West and Ward starred in a feature length, schmaltzy take off of their highly successful, but short-lived TV series.  But from the first real Batman movie in 1989 to the most recent Christian Bale feature films, I’ve been hooked. The premise of each film makes me shudder. The music and high def productions of a mere trailer for the latest offering, “The Dark Knight,” (which you can see here) gives me goose bumps.

The Dark Knight will, of course, be dedicated to actor Heath Ledger, who for unknown reasons accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills and pain medications last January. Ledger was nominated for an Academy Award when he starred in “Brokeback Mountain.” The critics are saying his role as the Joker in the latest installment of Batman movies surpasses all villain roles ever played on the silver screen.  Here’s a great review of Ledger’s portrayal from the Canadian Press.

On July 18, when “The Dark Knight,” is released to the masses, I’ll be in line ready and eager to pay my $9 to see the latest Batman movie; to discover just how Batman, my super hero of all comic book heroes, manages to dispose of the Joker and save Gotham from utter destruction once again.



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