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This blog isn’t about professional sports. But I live in Minneapolis and it just happens to be home to the hottest NFL football player on the planet. In facYo Adriant, this rookie running back is so hot, team owner Zygi Wilf must be rolling his hands together like a mad man. Eight games into the season the lowly NFC North Minnesota Vikings possess just three wins. Even so, the Vikings have NFL record-setting running back Adrian Peterson so the losses are a bit easier to swallow.
If pseudo-coach Brad Childress keeps his head out of his hind end and properly calls plays involving AP, the Vikings may salvage the season.

More importantly, Wilf sells tickets, avoids blacked out games (the Vikings came close to having two games blacked out so far this season), and renews enthusiasm for a partially state-funded stadium, which is desperately needed.

Run A.P., run!



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