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Road biking suits me well. I started really riding on the road about 10 years ago and have no complaints. I’ll always be a roadie at hgf_marlin_gr_09_m1eart.

But in the spirit of trying something new, this bike season,  I sold the Trek hybrid that I barely broke in during the three years I owned it, with the goal of giving mountain biking a go.

This will be my new ride for the coming year.

The 2009 Gary Fisher Marlin was a steal this weekend at Maple Grove Cycling. With their 20 percent off sale, a $100 gift certificate I picked up last fall at a charity auction (and promptlschwinn-stingray-green-3-speed1y forgot I even purchased it), and a little kick in thanks to a return from the IRS, this bike will be in my garage in under two weeks.

The lime green color even reminds me a little of the Schwinn Stingray I owned as a kid.

I’m fairly certain the Marlin will cut up trails with a little more attitude than the Stingray ever could.


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