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Guys, whether you’re handy or not, there are certain power tools you should definitely have on hand.

While asking for that bottle of 20-year-old scotch or case of cigars may seem like a prudent “guy” gift request, when the significant other asks you this year, “Honey, what do you want for Christmas?” be prepared with a list of ideas that includes a decent tool or two. You’ll raise her eyebrows and simplify her shopping experience.

Cordless Drill: A cordless drill is especially useful if you need to drill holes in an ongoing project. It can also help with those hard-to-manage pivot holes you need when screwing, and you won’t need to change out the screws between using the screwdriver and cordless drill. Home use drills are usually three-eighth inch, while anything larger is usually considered commercial size.

Cordless Screwdriver: A cordless screwdriver will help you finish small tasks that need a bit of power. Like screwing furniture from IKEA together or drilling small holes for picture frame hanging. Look for a cordless screwdrivers with reverse action, which allows you to back out a screw if needed.

Power Circular Saw: Power circular saws do come in cordless models, but be sure to get one with plenty of power if you go that direction. Electric models offer the juice you need to slice through all kinds of materials and are much easier and faster than regular hand saws. If you need to cut large 2x4s or other lumber, such as particle board, the circular saw is your tool. Usually, a power circular saw can cut up to three inches in depth and have multiple blade options.

Jig Saw: The jig saw will help you complete more intricate work, such as cutting around edges, for example. Jig saws give you the ability to make those tough, tight cuts with simplicity.

Cordless Finish Nail Gun: Cordless finish nail guns provide the speed, durability, and power that you’ll come to expect and appreciate. The key benefit of a finish nailer is how it provides you with the readiness to fire and deliver consistency with each nail penetration that traditional nailing can’t provide.

Two other tools for good measure:

  • Four foot level: A man with a four foot level will be able to make just about anything…well…level. Plus you’ll look like you know what you’re doing standing outside facing that “project.”
  • Belt sander: At some point you simply must be able to make rough objects smooth. A good belt sander will deliver.



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