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The Donuts Have Left The State

donut shopThere’s 1,000 calories I no longer have to burn out of my system any more. Seems Krispy Kreme donuts pulled out of Minnesota. First, the store in the famed Mall of America was shuttered. Next came the Eden Prairie location. Those both closed in 2007.

Then, suddenly, the first location to ever open in Minnesota was boarded up…signs removed, fixtures no doubt unbolted and loaded up on trucks with a south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line forwarding address.

To be honest, I’ve not eaten a Krispy Kreme donut for years. Even though I lived just a couple miles from the famed Maple Grove location. The same location that, when first opened, drew crowds in the thousands every day. Local police had to manage traffic. Shuttle buses carted people to the KK parking lot from distant shopping center parking lots. It was…hilarious.

I mean seriously, is it worth standing in line for hours to wolf down fat pills the size of your fist? Proudly, I never waited in line for the specialty donut.

I’m sure the executive management team at Krispy Kreme is carefully evaluating its strategy for growth. As it was, at least for the Minnesota locations, this proved to be one fad that wore out its welcome almost as fast as the dough could rise.



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