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There’s something else I know about myself. As my environment changes, so do I.

Moving to the Minneapolis/St. Paul region from rural Iowa exposed me to a world of new opportunities. As a kid, my hometown of 12,000 people was the biggest town in a five county area. The career growth opportunities for someone like me were nonexistent. The educational opportunities for my kids also left a great deal to be desired. The city gave both my kids and me a plethora of open doors and windows from which to jump.

The atmosphere provided by the city opened my mind’s eye to things I never would have seen had I stayed in rural America. I’ve tried the city shoes on and, damn, I like how they fit. For an average, educated guy who, due to good luck and fortunate timing connected with great people, I’ve experienced some wonderful, meaningful changes in life…professionally and personally.

My environment will, no doubt, change again. If, by good fortune, I have the opportunity to spend my later years soaking up the sights and sounds of nature from a cabin far from the city, I’ll adapt. Likewise, I will be just as content living in the midst of the metro, the lights of a nearby theatre marquis serving as my nightlight.

If you do not change, you can become extinct. Get out of your comfort zone and adapt to change sooner. Take control, rather than let things happen to you.” – Dr. Spencer Johnston

It’s what we make of the landscapes we find ourselves in that bring us ever closer to who we really are.


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