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Many Stories Still To Come

In a stunning discovery, daily page views at “Views from Minnesota” jumped a whopping 62 percent in the past 10 days! For all intents and purposes, I have no clue why the dramatic increase. I haven’t added new sites on the blogroll. I didn’t change my writing style. I didn’t add any deep, thought-filled content or amp my frequency of posts. There are, of course, the one or two keywords people Google that bring them randomly to this blog – and lately it’s been this local phenomena that seems to be driving lots of mouse clicks to my page. Like anything in life, the positive attention will be fleeting.

But to those who have not bookmarked me just yet, now is the time! You won’t be disappointed. Take a quick look at some of the stories soon to grace these pages in December (I’m only supplying headlines at this time so those Googling key words will find exactly what they’re after…of course). My blog is customer-service friendly, if nothing else.

Breaking News Planned for December

Dec. 2: Paris Hilton‘s nude sex antics secretly recorded on Flip video camera

Dec. 5: Foot fetish sting nets legislator; FBI takes credit

Dec. 8: American Idol winner announces, “I’m a lesbian”

Dec. 10: Anal retentive New York Times columnist clips Christmas coupons

Dec. 15: President Bush asks Senator Clinton: “I’m not your sex slave…am I?”

Dec. 21: Elves strike, leave Santa ho, ho hoping for help from Amazon.com

Dec. 23: Santa Claus submits to Elves demands, Christmas back on schedule



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