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The good governor of Illinois found himself arrested on Tuesday, charged with corruption. His effort to support the working class apparently side tracked by power and money. As his swagger grew, he challenged authorities to investigate him. He challenged the Chicago Tribune’s investigative staff to find wrong doing in his administration. Find it they did.

Does it surprise any of us that corruption exists in politics in Illinois – in Chicago, where during 1930s every man in elected office was bought and paid for by the mob? We shouldn’t be surprised, but yesterday’s news doesn’t help us feel better for thinking politics as usual was a thing of the past.

Politics is politics and politicians will…well, they will not always do what’s necessarily in the best interest of the people. They only will choose to walk the thin gray line when it’s convenient for them to do so. Fortunately, when they veer into the weeds of corruption, they are caught, arrested and skewered publicly – more so than ever before.  The working class that is America likes nothing more than to see a powerful, money-grubber brought to his or her knees.



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