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There’s so much crazy going on that I struggled with what to choose to publish on this, Day 2 of my “30 Days of Crazy.” So let’s get after the issue of a certain faith that feels it’s cool to have multiple wives, and in many cases, marry teenagers who then themselves have babies before they’re out of junior high school.

In communities throughout the Southwest United States and Texas, law enforcement officials are planning for capacity crowds as town-hall meetings are organized to deal with a very hot topic:  Polygamy. It’s one of the many not-so-secret practices of members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS).

But apparently the larger and more well-kept secret of these faith-based communities is that the polygamy practices of many male FLDS members include “marrying” and fathering children with teenage girls. In typical communities and states throughout the U.S., that’s better known as rape and it’s a punishable felony. But in the polygamy world, it’s accepted.

At least it was accepted until the spotlight shown down on Eldorado, Texas, last month where more than 400 children were taken into protective custody by the state because of reported abuse as well as under-age brides having babies themselves.

And now courts, local government officials and even our own wizards in D.C. are spending time and money trying to wrap their arms around what to do with this fundamentalist atrocity, where yes, having multiple wives and in some cases 40 or more children is “all that.”

Crazy? Ummmm. Yes. While Mormons disavowed polygamy back in 1890 and now excommunicate polygamists from the Mormon church, the FLDS, whose leader was convicted in Utah for raping a 14-year-old, continues to make a go of marrying frequently and fathering liberally. Laws, even in Texas, that stipulate that girls under 16 can’t marry even with parent permission, seem to be snubbed.

The answer seems pretty clear here. Polygamy and rape are illegal in this country and those who choose to commit these crimes should be behind bars – religious beliefs or no.

I just can’t quite fathom why time, money and effort need to go into government meetings to discuss the matter. In this case, the law is the law. Let’s tell our “officials” to apply it – fast and furiously.


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