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Thursday, Oct. 30, Bill Clinton jetted into Minneapolis. With Al Franken at his side, the former president spoke like the commander in chief he was – with august and resplendence. For a while, the clock rolled back to the ’90s when America was led by a president who cared about the middle class, who cared about creating jobs, who cared about doing the right thing for our country as a whole.

Guess what? Clinton still cares and he’s still a great speaker. We shook his hand last night – not just a touch of hands, but I firmly shook the former president’s hand. Standing there on the rope line with the flag looking over the 4,000 people who packed into the convention center, I paused and thought, even with the blanket of turmoil we’re under today, we’re still a great country and we can get our swagger back.

Vote on Nov. 4, people. Vote. Vote. Vote.

President Clinton and senate candidate Al Franken arrived together after an intermission. Everyone quickly forgot we’d been standing on concrete for three hours once they took the stage.

Al Franken (seated) and the rest of us listened to Clinton speak for a solid 40 minutes. I would have stood another hour had he continued.

Working the rope line, Clinton did his best to shake every hand as the crowd sent shout outs like, “We miss you Mr. President,” and “Thanks for coming to Minneapolis, Bill.”



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Three months ago, back in early December, I posted then and now photos of Madonna reflecting on how crazy she looks these days. The post drew no comments, initially.

But in the past month, since Madonna was named an inductee to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, that same post has received 70-plus page views every day.

Meanwhile, no one really cares who the next president of the United States will be unless they’re on the extreme – either right or left. Oh, I shouldn’t say they “don’t care.” I just get the feeling that a vast majority of Americans are still waking up from a drunken stupor laid on them by the Clinton Administration, circa 1992 – 2000. We’re only now realizing that our bank accounts are nearly empty thanks to the current administration. Egads!

Perhaps, if this were a simple popularity contest, Madonna could be president.


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If my mind wasn’t made up a week ago, it is signed and sealed now.

Billary has come slashing at Barack following a stump speech in which Obama used some familiar words by his friend, Massachusett’s Governor Deval Patrick. The Financial Times reports on the story, but in a nutshell, Mr. Obama said:

Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” Mr Obama said in the passage borrowed from Mr Patrick. “I have a dream – just words? We hold these truths to be self-evident – just words? We have nothing to fear but fear itself – just words?”

BillaryBillary took issue with Obama’s using the excerpt from a speech made two years ago. Billary. The “let’s make this campaign all about the issues,” candidate. The “I’ve got the experience to win,” candidate. The “Words in speeches are just words. I’m the candidate who will actually DO something in office,” candidate.

I’m humored because, my friends, what do animals do when they’re angry and injured? They lash out. They go into defense mode, bite and claw at anything and everything that gets within reach. Billary is in defense mode. She’s losing ground. She’s fading. And, like any bad candidate will do, she’ll get in the ditch and start shoveling shit until she can no longer keep up with the sewers.

She’s gonna be up to her nose in it. And meanwhile she’s losing the votes that she had in a lock just months ago – women in their 60s.

Yep. My mind is made up. Billary is just another politico. Hope for change? Making a difference? Restoring some pride in the U.S.? Politics not as usual? It starts and ends with one candidate.


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My blog posts on politics are few. Plenty of pundants exist in the world to cover this election year and its ensuing results. God bless the political bloggers one and all, because it’s a god-awful task to follow all this subterfuge, pining and posturing.

But today, I’ll note John Edwards and his decision to withdraw from his bid for POTUS.

It’s time for me to step aside so that history can blaze its path. We do not know who will take the final steps to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but what we do know is that our Democratic Party will make history. We will be strong, we will be unified, and with our convictions and a little backbone we will take back the White House in November and we’ll create hope and opportunity for this country.” -John Edwards.com

Edwards realized he had “no real path to the nomination and it was time to step aside,” a spokesman for the doomed campaign told the media earlier today. Let’s face it, nice guys finishing third in their home state primary don’t have much hope to win a nomination for anything except the “Nice Guy” Award. Couple that with a platform that’s about as milk toast as it gets and Mr. Edward’s decision was pretty easy to make at this juncture. While unfortunate for the lack of interest future televised debates will bring having one less candidate on the dais, his removal from the campaign does give clarity to the Democratic side of the race.

My Independent, Democrat and dysfunctional Republican friends, you now have a choice between two remaining front runners who will no doubt go well into Spring kicking each other in the chin: Billary and Barack.

Mrs. Clinton obviously has her own problems to contend with as her campaign falls into the late January deep freeze – namely her husband’s angry mouth. Someone please dial Monica for her thoughtful lips tips on how to shut that pie hole of Bill’s.

Barack, on the other hand, clearly has momentum going into February. Not that Senator Kennedy’s public backing is all that, but let’s face it, the cash drawer on the Obama campaign just got filled to the brim. In fact, I doubt the campaign volunteers can possibly count all the money, let alone spend it fast enough.

Seems that, like it or not, America is up for change when it comes to who gets the key to the White House next January.

And as Sheryl Crow so aptly taught us, “…A change will do you good.”


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