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My 17-year-old daughter went to her junior prom last Friday night. The weather was miserable, but the smile on her face is indicative of how she felt as she crossed the prom milestone.

When I was married, my former father-in-law said that even though expensive, he’d spend the money all over again in a show of love and support of his daughter (and me, at the time). Now I kinda know what he was talking about. While my daughter’s mom and I shared in the costs of her first prom experience, there was a great amount of pride in watching her cross this threshold. One step closer to adulthood. One foot further out the door of the protective households we’ve tried to provide to her. One more stab in the gut as a reminder that in just over a year she’ll be in college and completely out of our purview. These are heady days as parents. As a father of someone with such potential, the letting go part is both excruciating and exciting.

Reading and Writing

Today I met with an editor I’ve worked with off and on for the past couple years. In addition to my day job, I’ve found it helpful to write on topics totally unrelated to the medical device industry. The freelance work I do gives me a chance to write about the environment, jazz music, fundraisers, and other topics. It’s a great outlet and it pays a little bit along the way. My editor, though, is moving on to a new publication. While I wish her well, I also hope my occasional freelance projects don’t dry up entirely.

Note to self: keep writing.

That was the message Leif Enger passes on both through his latest novel, “So Brave, Young, And Handsome,” and in his remarks made at the book signing I attended last Friday. If you didn’t read Enger’s first novel, “Peace Like A River,” go grab it up while you’re buying a hardcopy of “SBY&H.” Enger’s a Minnesota guy who cut his teeth writing feature stories for Minnesota Public Radio. A friend of mine, also an Enger fan, described his style perfectly when she said, what a joy it is to read something that is not just written well, but is truly art.



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Literary Cat

I didn’t realize that I had a very literary cat. Sawyer, one of the best cats on the planet, came to me from the local humane society about two years ago. I could have gotten a dog, which would have breathed dog breath all over the house and eaten portions of shoes and furniture…and garbage. But instead, I picked out Sawyer.

He’s become quite the avid reader. As proven by the following:

1) Sawyer catches up on the latest music news in Rolling Stone magazine – with his favorite girl.

2) Sawyer prepares to read the newly released, “So Brave, Young, and Handsome,” by Minnesota-based author Leif Enger. It just arrived in my mailbox.


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