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No surprise here.

SpearsLynn Spears, mom of famed (and washed up) Britney and now-pregnant daughter Jamie Lynn, had a book deal with publisher Thomas Nelson. But in light of Jamie Lynn’s revelation on Dec. 18 that she’s pregnant (no doubt trying to trump her big sister’s inability to successfully manage the fame life has handed her), Mommy Spears now faces certain financial doom if the book deal is canceled.

The real kicker is this: the book Lynn Spears was penning is a PARENTING book. Aptly titled: “Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World,” the book was suppose to delve into her story of how she managed to raise two high-profile children while coming from a low-profile Louisiana community.”

Given the past two years of first witnessing Britney’s wrecked career and now seeing teenage and pregnant Nickelodeon actress, Jamie Lynn, take a hard fall, does America really need the wisdom *cough* of a Louisiana mother whose parenting skills mount up to “show me the money or I’ll show you the door?”

Many fans say the Spears sisters deserve a little pity. A break, perhaps, for not being able to properly manage their famedom.


While Lynn Spear’s parenting may not be totally to blame for the major f-ups her two daughters are becoming, we all learn our morals, values and skills at handling life events from, you guessed it, our parents.

Lynn, you blew it – obviously failing to teach either daughter to keep her panties on. You set them up and watched them fail and now you have three grandchildren whom will no doubt be equal or even greater failures in society based on who they have to look up to as role models in Jamie Lynn and Britney.

No matter how badly you wished these two kids to be your money machine, you’ve single handedly contributed to the delinquency of young inept women. And that, my friends, is a direct reflection on Mommy Spears.



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