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Now I’m Found

It’s kinda’ creepy, actually. Thanks to The Google, there are all sorts of people in the world searching for specific answers and information about their most haunting questions. Well, okay, some are perhaps the random thoughts of idiots, but that’s fine, too.

Here are some search terms and phrases that brought people to Views from Minnesota and my perspective found on this blog:

  • Cities 97 Sampler Volume 19 (yep, that’s been THE most heavily viewed page on the blog, capturing something more than 1,400 page views since I posted it in November).
  • Modern day cave dwellers california (not sure what blog entry this is associated with. I wrote a piece on the California wildfires last October, so maybe that’s the one).
  • Shivering when thinking about women (another one that I can’t quite explain. Is that shiver caused by fear or delusion?)
  • Wear my sweater song (that would be a direct reference to “The Way That I Am,” Ingrid Michaelson’s popular tune that Old Navy ran during the back-to-school season)
  • Bridge collapsed in Mississippi River (if it bleeds it leads. My first blog post on the I-35W bridge collapse on Aug. 1 holds the record on the blog for most views in one day and was also featured on CNN.com)
  • Three things in the Bucket List (let’s see if I remember them: never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard on and never underestimate a fart…something like that).
  • This Year’s Love by David Gray (no comment on that one…yet).

No matter how strangers find me, I’m always more than happy to serve as a source of profound and life-changing information (do I hear crickets chirping?). I just hope my own twisted reality suffices when Googling important things like, “all 13 verses for the song ‘Hallelujah.'”

That’s SOME important shit!



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