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March Snowfall in Minneapolis

I don’t have my camera, but trust me…it’s snowing on March 31 in Minneapolis. Parts of the Twin March 31 SnowCities will receive eight inches of fresh snow before the day is complete.  Fortunately, the ground and pavement warmed up after a week of 40 and 50 degree temps.

The Star Tribune provides full details of the weather pattern circling this and several other upper Midwestern states. The good news is it’ll all be gone before we can watch the uncut version of “Fargo.”

In like a lion, out like a lion. We’ve been dealing with snow in the city since Dec. 1. That makes for four FULL months of winter people!


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Funny Thing About Winter

There’s a funny thing about Winters in Minnesota. It snows.

But residents here have short-term memories (must be that sub-zero climate that lasts for two months in January and February). They forget how to drive in snowy weather conditions. Even natives of the state seem to think their four-wheel drive SUV gives them special dispensation to drive normal speeds on the highway during near white-out conditions. (I love to see SUVs stuck in the road ditch after a good snow blows through town.)

On Saturday, the metro area got about six inches of snow between Noon and 8 p.m.  In that time there were more than 100 traffic accidents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and more than 300 accidents state wide.

The best quote I found recapping the snowfall and accident totals came from a Minnesota State Highway Patrolman who said, “You can’t expect to leave 15 minutes late and arrive 20 minutes early when our roads are covered with snow and sleet.”

That sums it up people. When it snows, take it slow so you can enjoy the skis, snowmobile or sled when you get to your destination.


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