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I’ve been waiting for this day since warm(er) weather arrived in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.

This morning at dawn the skies were cloudy and the air a bit heavy with humidity. I ran my normal 5.5 mile route and needed a lot of water to replenish my system at the end of the run. The thickness of the air has only gotten heavier throughout the day and the skies finally opened up at 5:15 p.m.

At this moment, the skies a menacing purply dark, tornado sirens are screaming their warning, and sheets of rain are blasting clean the salt-stained driveways, sidewalks and streets throughout the ‘hood. It’s a cleansing rain. It’s overdue.

The storm system is moving fast through the Twin Cities, over the MIssissippi, into Wisconsin and to points east. Weather casters are having a field day prognosticating about the path of the storm, the potential for tornados and hail and high winds.

But before the sun sets this evening, my guess is the skies will be clear and blue again, ushering in a Memorial Day we can all enjoy.



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